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"Hands-Down the best trading-related subscription I have ever tried."

"I am a subscriber, a very happy subscriber. Made cost of annual subscription in first month, plus some. I subscribed in February 2021. No losing months to date, some months a 100% win rate, monthly average trade durations have ranged between 6 and 10 days.


"My experience has been nothing like what you wrote that holds you back. So far, my experience has been a daily email with trades listed in tables. Entry/Exit targets are provided. Usually a dozen or so daily listing for puts, and more for covered calls.

"The daily email provides some suggestions for approaching trades. In the past, they have provided put recommendations, wheel type put recommendations, and covered call recommendations. Their website has very good explanations for each type of trade...according to their philosophy.

"I tried their covered call trades, made profit, but don't like the extra moving parts so I stopped doing them in March. My focus is on selling puts with the put only and wheel recommendations. I trade in a traditional IRA account at TD Ameritrade.

"These days I only trade on >= 2% projected wins. That works out to around 1% per week based upon my average 6 to 10 day trade durations.

"They also send additional emails for trades that need work or have developed a crazy high profit. The extra emails may come during or outside of market hours (such as pre-market opening).

"Hands-Down the best trading-related subscription I have ever tried. I have no relationship with NGT beyond being a happy customer."

-- Seeking Alpha commenter

"I love it!!!!!!"

"I will second that! I subscribed for one month and at the end on the month, I re-up ed on the Annual plan. I love it!!!!!!"

-- Another Seeking Alpha commenter


"... this has been life changing.... This whole thing has been so much fun... I've done well!"

"[I]n a word, since I met you guys in early March, this has been life changing. Rarely in life can one get an education and make money while doing so (does my meager salary in graduate school count?)

"There are numerous aspects I love about all of this, but one of the best is the overall unorthodox approach.  You guys have great answers to the "but we've always done it this way" attitudes.

"This whole thing has been so much fun, and it gives me something to do while I'm on google hangout meetings with my "real" job.  

"I've done well!  I suppose I'll have to get actual percentages for you (I do a solid job of tracking overall profits, but the percentages column in my google sheet is a ghosttown).  


"I worry that you guys will fold up shop some day.  There will have to be a new Dread Pirate Roberts!"

-- A Happy Subscriber

"I cannot say enough positive about it."

"Awesome.  Love this!  So satisfied with your service. I could not say enough positive about it.  You guys should be very proud of what you've created."

-- Another happy subscriber


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