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Time To Share: F19 Week

Okay, hold onto your hats: we are going to try a new regular thing for Options Weekend, i.e., the weekend after monthly options expiration each month.... "Time to Share"!

We believe in community and personal connection. When you email us, we respond. When you tell us about your hometown in Italy, we tell you about our road trip to Wisconsin. We are not a robot stock shop, but an actual couple with an actual life. And we know you all have lives, too. So, since we're all it it together, we felt it was...

Time to Share!

(if we were better at html, we would've made that heading a little fancier... but anyway)

Each month after the Third Friday, we will post a blog like this and share how we've done with our trades and whatever else. In the comments, we encourage you to share how you're doing with the NGT system and whatever else you want to share.

Let's build a community!

So, you all know how we did this month, since we blogged about it below. The NGT system is up a lot -- boom times are good. We aim for 25% to 50% normally, but we take what the market gives and it's giving a lot more than that right now.

As for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we just finished a trip from our home near Washington DC to the middle of Wisconsin to taste the cold and hop around on a frozen lake, which we've never done before. It was amazing! We built an igloo and did some ice fishing (we and of course sledding. After being in minus 10 degrees (F) for a while, being back in DC at 35 is downright balmy.

How have you all done with NGT? How was your month?

We want to know! Post a comment!

Cheers! We look forward to sending out tomorrow signals.

Marc and Laura

No Guess Trading LLC

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