Options Performance

2022 YTD

Gains from $10,000 per trade in 2022.png

Closed wins: 89.2% (1342 / 1504)    
Closed losses: 2.6% (39 / 1504)    
Open Rollouts: 8.2% (123 / 1504)    
Average trade: 1.03%    
Average trade duration (trading days): 39.7    
Average P/L per day: 0.118%    
Average annualized returns: 43.1%    
YTD average returns: 17.2%    
YTD average trade / average duration: 4.0%    
Annualized average trade / average duration: 9.5%    

Updated Through June 2, 2022

Over 90% win rate (from Jan 2021)

We choose options that are so far from the money, we aim to win more than 90% of the time.  For example, we sold GME puts at a strike of $15, when GME was trading above $250.  The result?  We win and we don't worry.  Our stocks could go up or down 10% and we don't even notice.  


Typically 1% to 5% per month

Selling options opens up a whole new world of investing that most people can't or don't access.  Step inside and join us. 

Relatively consistent returns

Our system doesn't depend on a few outsized trades to pad our results.  Our returns are relatively consistent from week to week and month to month. We aim for 1% to 5% per trade and recommend staying fully invested.  When one trade exits, enter a new one right away.  

Closed losses are rare

We rarely close for a loss. In the last 4000 trades, we had less than a 2% loss rate. This is not only because we are way out of the money, but also because options are flexible and allow us to adjust to changing conditions.  We can almost always roll an option out for more premium.  Our trading signals will guide you through any rollouts if they occur.

We've only had less than a 1% loss rate in 2021.

No guessing or worry

Most trading techniques try to predict whether a stock will go up or down.  We don't really care about that.  The stocks underlying our option trades can fall 10% or more before we even begin to face losses.  And if they do fall, we usually can see it coming and adjust.  So, we don't second-guess or worry.