About us...

NoGuessTrading is a subscription service providing options trading signals twice a week for consistent, outstanding profits.  Each email (Monday and Wednesday) includes trading signals and all the information necessary to enter and exit the trade at the right price.  Join our family and improve your savings.

We are a mom and pop shop run from our home in Virginia.  In our early-40s, we have five kids but still want more.  Throw in a dog and a cat, too.

The two of us are nerds who love math, and we have applied our number-nerdiness to investing for years.  When we discovered options selling, the light bulb went on.  Since then, we have been crushing it, whether the market is good or bad.

It is often said about trading services that if they worked, it would be kept secret.  Nonsense.  Sharing our system with you will not max it out.  There are tens of billions of dollars in options premium for the taking each week.  

We love people.  Sounds corny, but it's true.  When you join our service, you'll come to believe it.  We give you personal attention.  If you email us, we will answer you.  We want you to succeed in the market as we have.  Why?  Why not?!  We like you! 

Our Expertise

We've been active investors for decades.  He has a degree in physics, and she has a degree in psychometrics and statistics.  We know how to make numbers work for us.  We've used this training to develop our proprietary options selection and ETF systems.  

Our Philosophy

Don't guess and don't worry.  We buck conventional wisdom and sell options at unusual strikes on unusual stocks.  We pick options with such a large breakeven cushion that we don't really care what happens to the stock underlying the options, and the returns are dynamite.  Our ETF system gets out of turbulent markets and provides low volatiltiy and low drawdowns without significantly reducing returns. This type of investing has lowered our blood pressure and permitted us to be active traders without anxiety or daily checks of the brokerage account.