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Options System

2022: 1342 wins, 39 losses, 123 open rolls
2022 YTD P/L: 17.2%
2022 annualized P/L: 43.1%
2022 average P/L per day: 0.118%
2022 trade duration: 39.7 days
2022 average trade: 1.03%

closed trades through June 2 , 2022

"Hands down the best trading-related subscription I have ever tried."

- SeekingAlpha comment

"Selling options opens up a whole new world

of investing that most people can't or

don't access. 

Step inside and join us."


Stock Picking






Second Guessing




Options: Every Monday and Wednesday we email you a handful of signals for selling options including:  ticker, entry and exit prices, strike, and expiration.  We also provide follows-ups on prior trades.

ETFs:  Every month we email you an update with % allocations for our ETF portfolio according to two separate systems.  


Options: Enter one or more of our trades when the signals come.  Then set a good-til-cancelled order at the exit price we recommend.

ETFs: Rebalance your portfolio according to the recommended percent allocations


Let it simmer.  Live your life.


Options: After a couple weeks or so, your broker will ping you that the trade has closed at the exit price.  Or we'll send you an email with a follow-up.  Our trades are so far from the money, that market fluctuations rarely affect us.

ETFs:  Just wait for the next update.

No guessing, no worries.

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Let's Connect

We are a 100% U.S.A. Mom and Pop business operated out of Virginia by a husband and wife team.  We love connecting with our subscribers!  Feel free to reach out with any questions, trading stories, ideas, suggestions, or just make our acquaintance.  Thank you!

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